Day 14

Today I scribbled some thoughts about the transcendence of intervention as art.

The Passage to Walter Benjamin intervention has a trqansitory nature, but in a way all works of art are transitory. It's just that we can own some, but even these we look at fleetingly once a day, or worse, put them in our storage space. So it all ends up the same - we have a memory of something the may, or may not, remain as important in our lives. I've seen Dali's "Christ of St. John of the Cross" in Glasgow, and Carl Andre's "Flanders Fields" in Grenoble exactly once each. And for no more than say 5 minutes. But the feeling I had then is etched on my mind, in my memory. So the transitory nature of this event is just fine with me.

I've also managed to print the first couple of bits onto the 34 feuilleton that I will create:
From Breaking Boundaries