Day 13

I woke up this morning wondering if the word "passage" in Spanish (pasage) has the same double meaning it does in English. It does. So there will now be a "guestbook" for people to write or draw their thoughts about the event. This will be made from the same paper I am using for the feuilleton.

I've also just sewn the corners of a folded towel together for use in the embossing stage of the feuilleton creation process.

Eleanor and James have both made comments about a "poster" that I made (with some help from Amelia) for the event. Eleanor said "Jonathan I would say to cut out alot of the writing - the background information is really for extra reading for those who turn up in my view.
I would just have one of the extra passages of information or quotes - something to whet the appetite and intrigue.

So what it is, where, and so on - but above all - an image.

I think each project needs a signature image associated with it - something that somehow sums up what it is about - the same image you would send to a paper if they wanted one picture, or almost like a brand or logo. People remember an image.

In the poster there is no indication as yet as to what it is - it doesn't say art or scultpture exhibition or event - it could be a reading or theatrical performance or anything.

Something like "sculpture event" would make people turn up to see more.

Wish I could come and see."
To which I replied: "Eleanor.... thanks for all of that.... and you are absolutely right about the image... normally.... I actually wanted the words of Walter Benjamin to conjure an image.... and so I'm going to leave it be.

However, on the facebook page, there is more....."

James said "I agree with you on this Eleanor, definitely less quotes and a good strong image.

In theory I may not to turn up to the event either because i don't know what it is!"

I suppose I want to question whether I WANT people to fully know what is going to happen, what they will see. This is an ART intervention, not theatre or a magic show. Through the publicity I am trying to get people who know something of Walter Benjamin, or who might be intrigued by the philosophical angle. There will of course be the feuilleton to give to passers-by, which should at least intrigue and direct a little. And I am planning a "breadcrumb" appoach to the publicity by putting teasers on the facebook event page.

I've also just got back froma very tiring day embossing 100 sheets of paper for the feuilleton. It has been a hot old day, but I only had one problem - when my water spray broke. Fortunately I had the moto, so I just packed up, went to by another one, and then got straight back to work. Surprisingly few people even took notice of me. I got a few strange glances, but only one person actually asked me what I was doing. It was a little bizarre, as I had just been concentrating on spraying water on the paper, and when I stood up there was a group of about 30 Germans, all standing round looking at me! So I tried to explain what I was doing, but she kind of lost interest when she realised that it was for an event in a couple of weeks' time.

Here are a few pics of me working on the embossing:

From Breaking Boundaries
From Breaking Boundaries
From Breaking Boundaries
From Breaking Boundaries
From Breaking Boundaries
From Breaking Boundaries