Is it art?

Lots of people seem to think not....but here are some works I am going to copy for my Drap Art....

carl andre damien


Abstract Heads

I have nearly completed "Abstract Heads - Veslemoy" and I have just started "Abstract Heads - Anastasia" and "Abstract Heads - Susannah".

There is a series of photos of "The Artist at Work" here...

I had decided to work on two, or even three Heads at a time, because of the time it takes waiting for paint to dry. But after starting these two today I have realised that I get into a "colour" frame of mind, and need to work on just one set at a time.

The Artist at Work

Drap Art Project

 I'm going to be collecting all the rubbish I can get my hands on so that I can make some art for an exhibition i want to display in in December this year....