Martin Creed

Enough Stuff


Martin Creed makes a lot of rubbish art. And as a Turner Prize winner, he's certainly influential. So here's a few of his works (and, incidentally, he calls all of his works "Work ###).

Work 309

Drap Art Project 1

Here are some of my Drap Art works, and a space at the Picasso Museum which would be an ideal place for them.

L S Lowry

"...the art of the painter.....that richest vein of creative vision in which essence is distilled from subject and married to idea. It is a visionary genius peculiar to the English masters. The French call it symbolism. The English see it as a strain of native eccentricity." (p.12 Levy, The Paintings of L.S. Lowry, 1975)

"...Lowry ventures no answer. Like other great artists, he only poses questions."  (p.18 Levy, The Paintings of L.S. Lowry, 1975)


It is the measure of great, architectural composition - composition in the classic mould - that the eye always finds a point of ultimate reference: a core of stillness, or of simulation, which exists at the heart of the construction, and beyond all the impedimentia of incidental detail. (p.12 Levy, The Paintings of L.S. Lowry, 1975)

"Albert Camus has written: 'I know from my own experience, that a man's life-work is nothing but a long journey to find again, by all the detours of art, the two or three powerful images upon which his whole being is opened for the first time.'"(p.12 Levy, The Paintings of L.S. Lowry, 1975)

Still Life?

Every artist should be working on Still I'll have a go.... but i think it's going to be based on plastic bottles in bathrooms......