Not everything you see is art

Not everything you see is art.

In 2009 I had an open studio day for my friends, where I showed some of my new works, and also some experimentation, which was not, and was never going to be, art. I entitlted the open day, "Not everything you see is art", and I created a huge screen with letters created from cut outs of a magazine.

This phrase has stuck with me since then, and now I run a blog ( where I put my musings on art, and non-art, aside from my own works.

And back in 2005, for my 40th birthday, my brother gave me a roll of canvas, which I have carried around the world with me, waiting for the right inspiration.

And on the street where i live, old screen printing frames are sometimes left on "trastos" night.

I decided to cover one of these frames with the canvas roll, but realised that I could put it over to cover just about two-thirds of the frame, which I then painted with some left over purple paint.

It was several weeks later, while experimenting with cardboard cutout letters and spray paint, that I realised that all these ideas could, should, and must come together to create a new series of works.




So, my thanks to my brother, and to Lali and Monica for their translations into Catalan and Spanish.