Barry Flanagan

Título Barry Flanagan Libros/Monografias
Autor(es) Flanagan, Barry (Escultor), 1941- (Autor)
Publicación España : Fundacion la Caixa, 1993
Descripción Física 145p. : il.
Idioma Español;
ISBN 847664423X

p.136 "Whilst interrupting a carver's work, I realised that a conductor reaching for the first violinist's bow isn't recognising his place.

In the workshop the purpose of drawings has changed, now included in the practice, rather than put on the gallery wall."

p.138 "In Japanese myth the Gods commanded all the animals to make presents to them, Whilst all the other animals brought gifts the hare is honoured because it made a barbecue of itself. Analogous to the role of talent...... His guardian deities are surely Thor and Hermes."

"the opportunity of a print to me, as a sculptor, somehow speaks of that commitment to be responsible and exposed - to have the presence of mind to draw."