Dropped platter ceramic technique


The problem of showing your work...

The problem with making work is finding the right space to show it. "Abstract Heads:Pentecost" (2014) is my most ambitious work to date. 15 sculptures and 45 unique prints, which will need a sizeable and appropriate space to show them in.

If you have any ideas, let me know!

El problema de hacer las obras es encontrar el espacio adecuado para mostrarlas. "Cabezas Abstractas: Pentecostés" (2014) es mi obra más ambiciosa hasta la fecha. 15 esculturas y 45 grabados únicos, que tendrán un espacio considerable y adecuado para mostrarlas.

Si usted tiene alguna idea, que me haga saber!

Here are some photos from the studio:
Aquí tiene algunas fotos del taller:

The problem of bases...

Having made the Abstract Heads for "Pentecost" I spent some time looking at how to give them some kind of base or plinth. Here are some pages from my sketchbook:

Después de haber hecho los Cabezas Abstractos por "Pentecostes" pasé algún tiempo pensando cómo darles algún tipo de base o peana. Estas son algunas de las páginas de mi cuaderno de dibujo:

In the end, I chose a simple solution to the problem:
Al final, opté por una solución sencilla para el problema:

Completed Prints for Pentecost 2014

With the help of Cameron Fraser I have completed the 15 triptych prints for Pentecost, a total of 45 unique prints. Here are some photos of the prints drying on the studio floor.

Con la ayuda de Cameron Fraser, he completado las 15 "trípticos" de Pentecostés, en total, 45 grabados únicos. Aquí están algunas fotos de los grabados que se secan en el suelo del estudio.

Jeff Koons interview with Mark Lawson

The artist Jeff Koons broke the record for the highest price paid for a work of art by a living artist, when his Balloon Dog (Orange) sold at auction for $58,405,000 last year. A major retrospective of Koons's work is opening at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York in 2014. Jeff Koons talks to Mark about whether the vast prices paid for his art affect his work, and explains why we should not be afraid of contemplating contemporary art work.

I think communication’s important and to try to inform people that they’re perfect and that art demands nothing of them. What art actually is, is a realisation of their own possibilities in this world, to have their parameters expand and to have their life experience become vaster and that’s what art is, art is about your possibilities it’s nothing other than that.

I think that art shouldn’t demand anything of anybody and that when you are viewing something, that when you are confronting it, nothing is demanded of you, if you happen to have information that could help you have more connections, have greater consciousness of this interaction, that’s wonderful and you can find even more significance in that experience. There are no judgements, there is no place for judgements in this world and by removing judgements you are able to remove anxiety. You can have a much greater sense of consciousness.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03nt8jf time:21:40