Thoughts on a graffiti sculpture project.

My plan is to put four or five small scale concrete or plaster sculptures on "plinths" a number of locations in Barcelona. They will have to be small enough and light enough to carry on my motorbike from the studio. Each one will have a label with a QR code giving information about the work, the location of the next work and asking for photos of the work to be uploaded. I will document the sculptures on site through video and photos, and possibly interact with the audience.

So why am I doing this?
To make some more work public, for free. To clear some space in my studio. To create and document some public art. To talk to people about my art. To try out QR code technology. To make myself feel like an artist. To finally get done an idea I had several months ago.

Update: 4/5/11
So why have I been avoiding this?
Well, partly because it´s a bit scary. But also because I´m not completely comfortable with my concrete sculptures. And I´d like to involve some other people. But now I have a new plan... to work with GAP (Gracia Arts Project) and spend a day together making some AH sculptures, and then the next day to take them out into the streets of the Gotico and leave them around. Depending on the number of people I can get involved, I hope to make 5 or 6 sculptures for this project. And we´ll see how long they last. Hopefully we´ll have a couple of people for each sculpture, or a rotating shift system, so I can have a record of the public looking at them, photographing them etc.